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Cooling and heating for the home: Try the Delgado system

When we think about the future, we think about how we will adapt to new conditions and trends and how technology will evolve. Home cooling and heating is no exception. New solutions, greater savings and greater efficiency go hand in hand. We are very happy that we also have the opportunity to use them and introduce you to completely new solutions and the Delgado system.

Try the Delgado system

System Delgado je unikátny spôsob chladenia a kúrenia. Jeho vývoj, to sú roky skúseností projektantov a montážnikov so systémami stropného chladenia. Spolu vytvorili vykurovanie a chladenie, ktoré je:
The Delgado system is a unique way of cooling and heating. Its development is the result of years of experience of designers and installers with ceiling cooling systems. Together they have created heating and cooling that is:

Its biggest advantage is versatile use, easy and safe assembly. The Delgado system is suitable for cooling and heating with the installation of:

Delgado cooling and heating for the house can be installed in all dry constructions, for example in:

Floor heating only 1 centimeter high!

The lowest hot water underfloor heating is only one centimeter. In terms of implementation, floor heating with a thin aluminum perforated module belongs to the wet processes with minimal residual moisture. The modules are filled with a very thin layer of cement self-leveling screed. This solution is therefore suitable for all standard metal constructions for dry construction, but the possibilities of its use are practically unlimited. For example, for ceiling lights, atypical modules can be made, so architects and designers have a completely free hand when designing interiors. The Delgado system allows cooling or heating. It only depends on whether cold or warm water flows in the modules.

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the choice of suitable heating and cooling. If you are interested in a price calculation, we will be happy to prepare it for you and explain the entire procedure and implementation of your practical and economical cooling and heating.

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