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Did you know that ecological heating can significantly save you monthly costs?

Are you still heating with radiators that take up a lot of space in your home, look unsightly and are also financially inefficient in the long run? Discover the benefits of ecological floor, wall or ceiling heating, which is multifunctional, exceptionally gentle, extremely quiet and does not take up any space in your home unnecessarily. Making heating more efficient is completely simple and available to every modern household. Read how to do it.

Large-scale heating systems have several common features and advantages. The name itself reveals that the heat radiated from a large area. What advantages does this fact bring?

Ekologické vykurovanie

Under floor heating

Perhaps the best-known alternative to classic heating is underfloor heating. The unsightly radiators suddenly disappeared somewhere and nobody missed them. Only occasionally did the visitor stop to notice that the furniture is nicely arranged in the room and there is a comfortable sofa or a reading area under the window instead of a white metal object. Like everything in the world, this type of heating has one small disadvantage, in addition to many advantages. These are certain limitations when choosing a floor covering.

Wall heating

Like floor heating, wall heating and cooling is discreetly installed under the surface. However, the area of the walls is larger compared to the floor, which means that the heat radiates from a larger area and also surrounds us from all sides. In this way, you can heat at a lower temperature, save money and space that would otherwise be occupied by radiators or tiled stoves.

Ceiling heating and cooling

Are you thinking how is it possible that heat can „fall down“? The truth, of course, is that warm air rises because it is lighter. But radiant heat spreads in all directions. It is transmitted from the ceiling, heating solid objects (such as furniture) and secondarily also the surrounding air. In addition, you can also use ceiling heating systems for cooling in the summer, which is:

For new buildings, experts from UNIVENTA will offer you a combination of various large-scale heating systems. This way you get all the benefits with a minimum of restrictions and extra planning.

Enter the 21st century. Don’t let winter take you by surprise and check whether your building or renovation is properly prepared for the transition to a new and modern world where heating is ecological and economical at the same time.

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