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Hot water floor heating: Get inspired by the centuries

More and more often, we encounter the fact that what is traditional, perhaps even outdated, suddenly becomes an advanced solution for the future. Hot water floor heating is an example of this. It is much older than a few decades or centuries. Today’s heating method has come a long way.
And today we can enjoy its development at affordable prices, save money and nature.

A bit of history

We already know floor heating or its various simple versions from the past. Our ancestors invented a way to direct the smoke from the hearth into the space under the floor. In this way, it warmed up a little, and since the floor area was large, the temperature in the room was also a little higher. For a very long period, the heating was then shifted to a small area of the radiator. You may also have this inefficient and unaesthetic element at home. But it is time for the heating to be hidden again under the floor, in the walls or in the ceiling.

Heat radiation from a large area
Hot water floor heating is based on radiant heat from the floor. Unlike conventional „radiator“ heating:

Radiant heat spreads naturally and over a very large area. Therefore, a high temperature is not needed to heat the rooms, which saves money and nature.

Minimal heat loss

You may be worried that when the temperature of the heating water for floor, wall or ceiling heating is significantly lower than for radiators, you will not have thermal comfort at home. However, the opposite is true. In modern buildings, heat losses are minimal, so we only need to supply the minimum energy needed for heating. Today’s heating systems are designed to provide you with perfect comfort and save the maximum amount of money. So you enjoy heating that is efficient, does not disturb the design of the rooms and has many other advantages.

Combination with wall heating and ceiling cooling The advantage of modern hot water floor heating is the fact that you can easily combine it with wall and ceiling heating and cooling. It means that the system is functional and used throughout the year with minimal costs.

If you are planning a renovation or building a new home for your family, think ahead. Consult the professionals and solve your future heating today. We will be happy to advise you on this.

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