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System Univenta Delgado


  • Maintenance-free heating/cooling
  • Natural heat radiation from above
  • It's quiet
  • Minimal airflow
  • Even temperature distribution in the space
  • Healthy

Benefits we provide to you

  • More than 30 years of experience with & nbsp; design and & nbsp; assembly

  • Own products verified by practice (fast service)

  • Possibility to get a 40-year warranty on the system

  • Technical support for our customers

About the Delgado system

Delgado is a universal system of aluminum registers. It consists of a polybutylene tube with an oxygen barrier sealed between two thermally conductive aluminum foils, which guarantee high performance. Aluminum foil ensures uniform distribution of heat or cold throughout the active surface of the ceiling, wall or floor. It also helps to improve the reaction of the entire register to fire, which allows the use of registers in environments with higher fire demands.

Delgado Cooling and Heating

The Delgado system is a unique system for cooling and heating, the development of which reflects years of experience of designers and installers with ceiling cooling systems. Its biggest advantage is the variability of use, easy and safe assembly. It allows cooling or heating depending on whether cold or warm water circulates in the registers. Univenta DELGADO mats are a modern, energy-saving and architecturally clean solution for cooling and heating buildings, which achieves high performance.

Advantages of the Delgado system

DELGADO enables a combination with the most modern plasterboard technologies, which ensure maximum thermal conductivity. Thanks to this, we achieve a cooling power of up to 70W/m2. DELGADO cooling mats are simply glued to the supporting structure (CD profiles).

Possibilities of using the Delgado system

The Delgado system is suitable for CEILING, WALL and FLOOR. It can be installed in all dry constructions: plasterboard walls, coffered ceilings, acoustic panels or placed above plasterboard for ceiling cooling. The system is suitable for all standard metal structures intended for dry construction. The Delgado system enables even the lowest hot water floor heating with a thickness of only 1 cm!
The possibilities of using the Delgado system are practically unlimited. Production technologies also make it possible to make atypical aluminum modules, offering unlimited possibilities to architects and designers (e.g. modules with openings for ceiling lights, etc.).

Use of the system
  • Family houses
  • Offices
  • Administrative buildings
  • Ateliers
  • Apartment houses
  • Healthcare
  • Hotels and accommodation facilities
  • Public buildings

Assembly of the manifold


Degreasing of CD profiles


Installation of DELGADO registers


Installation of distribution systems

Assembly of the manifold

If the plasterboard structure is already installed and the piping from the heat/cooling source is brought in, we can install a ceiling cooling/heating manifold.

Degreasing of CD profiles

Before installing DELGADO registers, it is necessary to degrease the plasterboard structure.

Installation of DELGADO registers

Installation of DELGADO ceiling cooling registers is very simple. On each register there are double-sided tapes along the edges, from which the protective layer is torn off and the registers are glued to the plasterboard structure

Installation of distribution systems

After gluing the registers and mounting the manifold, it is necessary to connect the individual registers to the manifold through the distribution pipe. Thanks to the PUSH (quick coupling) system, no special tools are required for installation through the distribution. When installing the pipeline, it is necessary to convert the connection according to Tichelman.

Simple installation

How to proceed


Contact us using the form or by phone


We will arrange a meeting with a technician who will explain the system and recommend a suitable solution


We will prepare a price offer tailored to your requirements


We will ensure the installation of the system

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