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3 reasons to choose underfloor heating

There are many reasons to choose underfloor heating. And that’s also because the advantages of this heating method outweigh the disadvantages several times over. You may be reluctant to change your heating because you’re worried about the cost of entry or how long your home will be restricted by construction activity. You are making all these worries for nothing. We’ll tell you why.

Today, modern heating could be divided into three basic groups:

You save money on heating

Heat spreads more slowly from a small radiator. It takes a lot of „force“ and a lot of energy to get the radiator up to a really high temperature. But the heat still remains on a small surface, from which it spreads slowly due to air movement, which is inefficient.

And now imagine that there are invisible conductors under the floor covering, which radiate heat throughout the room. In addition, this „invisible radiator“ can also be hidden under the walls or in the ceiling. So you don’t have to:

You heat in winter, cool in summer

With the help of floor or ceiling heating, you can efficiently heat your home in winter and simply cool your home in summer. Forget about unpleasant drafts and earaches from it. Cooling takes place without stirring up dust and aggravating allergies or risking a cold. The air cools naturally and without you being particularly aware of it.

The exchange is quick and painless

To replace the heating, construction work is required. It is true. This is to get rid of unsightly pipes and old spotty radiators. However, we implement the exchange taking into account your needs. We minimize the time required for reconstruction and maximize the result. Many of our customers have already convinced themselves that, regardless of what their expectations were, the replacement of the heating system took place faster than they originally expected.

If you are planning to build a new house, then it is ideal to plan efficient and affordable heating. You can request a price calculation, which does not oblige you to anything, or a consultation where you will learn all the necessary details.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable heating and the design of the solution. Contact us to find out all the essentials and heat and cool your home safely, at a great price and in a healthy way.

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