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Hot water floor heating: Heat from the first step

Imagine that instead of a cold floor, tile or a cold carpet, you stand on a pleasant and warm floor in the morning. Hot water floor heating will ensure that you experience this feeling throughout the year, not just in the summer months. How does it work?

Radiant heating

This method helps to turn the floor into one giant radiator. But the heat does not flow only from one small place somewhere under the window, but from the entire floor. So imagine how quickly a room would heat up with a radiator the size of the room.

Why is hot water underfloor heating better?

If you use traditional heating, heating the rooms looks like this:

If you use hot water floor heating, heating the space looks a little different:

What is the surface temperature of the floor?

Radiators are often very hot. This is because a small area must be heated to a high temperature. The surface temperature of the floor, which is part of underfloor heating, is relatively low and ranges from 25°C to 35°C. In this way, the hygienic limit is not exceeded. Floor heating is one of the low-temperature methods of heating, suitable for using energy obtained from low-potential sources.

Save money on heating

When heating using the floor and walls, it is not necessary to heat the space to too high a temperature or the temperature can be reduced by 2 °C to 3 °C. This represents a saving of energy required for heating by 12% to 18%.

You can use underfloor heating in family homes, social buildings, swimming pools or wellness centers, in historic buildings where it does not disturb the classic appearance, but also for de-icing sidewalks and roads or under playgrounds, sports halls and tennis courts.

Do you want to know if hot water underfloor heating is suitable for you? Contact us and we will be happy to provide you with complete information.

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