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Ceiling heating: Enjoy the heat quite naturally

Where does heat come to us from? Where do sunflower heads turn? In order for your home to be heated evenly, the heat must spread in it from several points, not just from the small area of the radiator. Ceiling heating has many advantages. What are they? Let’s look at it together.

Save in the right place

When building or renovating you think about the future. Not only for how you will finish the house and what color the roof will be, but also for its conversion to be as efficient as possible. The initial investment in the building should be a real investment and return over time in the form of various savings. Ceiling heating is one of the ways to save:

A more energy and economically efficient ceiling heating system will help you save up to 70% of energy, so the investment in heat in your home will pay off really quickly.

Health first

Ceiling heating also offers significant benefits for your health and the health of your family. Heating takes place without drafts, dust and pathogens, which is especially appreciated by allergy sufferers. The heat is distributed evenly, so you enjoy pleasant heat or cooling.

Another advantage of ceiling and floor heating is the fact that it does not dry out the air. We perceive this problem especially in winter. Dry air reduces a person’s defenses at a time when we are attacked by viruses and catch colds more often. In extreme cases, when we spend a lot of time indoors, our airways can become so dry that our noses become crusty.

Clean lines for your home

They are classic radiators a must ? If you imagine your ideal home, surely its walls are not „decorated“ with radiator fins, which collect more and more dust over the years and take on a yellow color. You cannot see the ceiling heating. It is hidden behind the walls, so you can enjoy its warmth without disturbing elements in the interior.

Why ceiling heating from Univenta?

Our system is not noisy like similar solutions on the market. We distinguish ourselves from the competition mainly by the fact that we do not use fans, as is the case, for example, with classic types of air conditioners. Installation is just as simple, fast and completely safe. Ask us about how you can heat healthier, cheaper and more efficiently.

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