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Ceiling heating and underfloor heating: Comfort with an elegant design

When building a family home, you have to think about a lot of details and make a lot of important decisions. One of them is how you will heat your new home. Ceiling heating and floor heating have advantages that you will really appreciate. What are they?

Floor heating for new buildings and renovations

In places where you feel comfortable and where in winter warmth radiated from all sides, there is probably floor heating. It is also used in less expected places, such as:

Floor heating is also used for:

Classic or underfloor heating?

Floor heating differs from the classic one in several ways. Temperature is distributed evenly in the room, dustiness is much less because air flow is reduced. From the floor, heat rises to the walls, which in turn heat the surrounding air. At the same time, optimal air humidity is maintained in such heated spaces, which has a favorable effect on breathing. In churches or other public buildings, the temperature difference is striking. Small radiators are simply not able to heat such a large space sufficiently.

In the reconstruction of historic buildings, floor or wall heating is also used because this the solution does not disturb the classic look of the interior. There is no need to install a visible distribution system and historic rooms are not spoiled by „modern“ radiators.

Driveways do not need to be shoveled in winter and there is no danger of ice, traffic complications or unpleasant accidents associated with slipping.

Wall heating

Wall heating is often used as a supplement to floor heating. It is also used independently in spaces where it is necessary to prevent dew on the walls, for example in bathrooms or swimming pools. One of the many advantages of wall heating is that there is no need for piping. This means that the space has more variability and is optically larger.

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