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Steel pipes and fittings


  • fast and safe assembly, without welding and production of threaded joints
  • a large range of diameters of pipes and fittings from 15 mm to 108 mm
  • wide working temperature range -20°C to +110°C (with standard O-rings that are part of the fittings)
  • when replacing O-rings with FPM/Viton, the temperature range is -30°C to +180°C, short-term +230°C
  • resistance to high pressures up to 16 bar
  • possibility of combination with plastic distribution systems
  • low weight of pipes and fittings
  • high assembly aesthetics
  • resistance to mechanical damage

Benefits we provide to you

  • More than 30 years of experience with & nbsp; design and & nbsp; assembly

  • Own products verified by practice (fast service)

  • Possibility to get a 40-year warranty on the system

  • Technical support for our customers

About the product

The UNIVENTA M STELL-PRESS system is a complete installation system consisting of steel pipes and fittings from 15 mm to 108 mm in diameter. Pipes and fittings are made of high-quality steel with a low carbon content. The galvanized surface provides anti-corrosion protection against external environmental influences.

M STEEL-PRESS pipes and fittings are made of thin-walled steel, which significantly reduces the weight of all system elements and facilitates the assembly itself. Thanks to joining with „press“ technology, we obtain joints with approximately the same diameter as the diameter of the pipe, which significantly reduces pressure losses within the entire system and creates good hydraulic conditions. In addition to pressed joints, the M STEEL-PRESS system offers a whole range of fittings with external and internal threads. Due to the fact that the threads in the steel fittings are conical, only the connection with brass fittings with an external thread of the M STEEL-PRESS Press and Push System in combination with M STEEL-PRESS fittings with an internal thread is permissible. Making the connection in this way is ensured by a minimum amount of sealing (hemp, Teflon tape, etc.). It is also not possible to directly connect steel pipes and fittings of the M STEEL-PRESS System to stainless steel. It is always necessary to use dividing elements made of brass or bronze at least 50 mm long.

Product benefits

  • Quick and safe assembly
  • Without welding and production of threaded joints

Possibilities of use

  • installation of central heating distribution in a closed (pressure) system
  • installation of cooling distributions
  • installation of fire-fighting water mains
  • installation of air conditioning distribution
  • installation of distribution systems for solar systems

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