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Floor convectors

Advantages of floor convectors

  • Rýchly nábeh
  • Possibility of heating and cooling
  • An aesthetic solution without disturbing the interior
  • Possibility of custom production

Benefits we provide to you

  • More than 30 years of experience with & nbsp; design and & nbsp; assembly

  • Own products verified by practice (fast service)

  • Possibility to get a 40-year warranty on the system

  • Technical support for our customers

About the product

UNIVENTA floor convectors ensure heating comfort and at the same time meet all the conditions set by architects, planners, designers and users. The low building height allows convectors to be placed in any floor structure. Their use is especially suitable in spaces with large glass surfaces. Window surfaces reaching to the floor have greater heat loss than well-insulated perimeter walls, which can cause cold air currents in the interiors at low outside temperatures.

Floor convectors create a thermal veil that separates the air in the rooms from the cold glass surfaces and thus prevents the sensation of cold radiation from this surface. Their use is ideal in areas with increased moisture content (e.g. swimming pools, buildings with indoor pools, winter gardens…). One of the other possibilities of using floor convectors are spaces where the use of classic heating elements disrupts the appearance of the interior (e.g. when using French windows…). Floor convectors can also be used with other types of heating or as the main heating system.

UNIVENTA UNICOIL® floor convectors are also structurally adapted for cooling, which enables their use in the summer months.

Product benefits

  • Rapid onset of the desired temperature in the interior
  • Discreet installation of a heating element with a grid matching the interior
  • Useful in rooms with large floor-to-ceiling glass surfaces, swimming pools, etc.
  • Possibility of use for heating and cooling
  • Low operating costs due to the need for a minimum amount of heating / cooling water in the exchanger
  • Using electronic regulation, the possibility of creating a separate heating or cooling mode
  • 5 construction standard lengths
  • Possibility of production of any length (custom production)
  • Different convector connection angles (custom production)
  • Arc and corner convectors (custom production)

Product specification

Floor convector without fan

The floor convector with natural air circulation is an aesthetic addition to underfloor heating and creates a thermal barrier that separates the air in the room from the cold glass surface. It prevents the formation of a dew point on glass surfaces. The choice of the given length and colors of the cover grid allows the UNICOIL® floor convector to be used in combination with different floor coverings.

Floor convector with fan

The combination of environmental technology, aesthetics and thermal performance has contributed to the fact that floor convectors with forced air circulation are increasingly used as main heating elements. The design makes it possible to use them for cooling as well. The floor convector is equipped with fans powered by a safe voltage of 12 V and is suitable for heating residential, administrative rooms and rooms with increased humidity (e.g. swimming pool areas, conservatories…)

How to proceed


Contact us using the form or by phone


We will arrange a meeting with a technician who will explain the system and recommend a suitable solution


We will prepare a price offer tailored to your requirements


We will ensure the installation of the system

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