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Exchange stations


  • Small hydraulic resistance of the apartment station
  • Sound and thermal insulation
  • Patented PM proportional regulator protection
  • Large plate heat exchanger
  • Apartment station design
  • Tubes Ø18x1 mm made of stainless steel
  • Special DVGW ball caps with protection against Legionella pneumophila
  • Optimum use of heating water when heating DHW without the need for subsequent mixing at the outlet with cold water (this system results in lower calcification of the exchanger)
  • The differential pressure regulator is integrated in such a way that it enables regulation both on the heating side and on the DHW side (there is no need to additionally add a differential regulator on the DHW side as well)
  • Delivery of heat and cold water meters, including calibrating - metrological verification
  • Double dirt trap (cold water, heating side)
  • Integrated sump for heat meter sensor (no special valve required)

Benefits we provide to you

  • More than 30 years of experience with & nbsp; design and & nbsp; assembly

  • Own products verified by practice (fast service)

  • Possibility to get a 40-year warranty on the system

  • Technical support for our customers

About the product

Residential heat exchanger stations (residential heat transfer stations – BOST) represent a possibility to ensure that each apartment in an apartment building is independent in terms of hot water preparation and heating. This concept is effectively used not only in renovations and new constructions of apartment buildings, but also in multi-generational family houses. Residential heat exchanger stations provide comfort and are able to provide immediate hot water and heating requirements at any time of the year, independently in each apartment. Each apartment has a separate meter for the consumption of hot and cold water, which allows for accurate monitoring of costs.

Product specification

For heating drinking water

The residential heat transfer station TW uses heated water from the source (riser) through an integrated stainless steel plate heat exchanger. It heats hot water on the principle of flow heating. The design almost excludes the formation of limescale even with very hard water. A sufficiently large heat exchanger in various performance ranges guarantees a stable and constant temperature at all sampling points even at maximum sampling.

Connecting pipes made of stainless steel with a diameter of Ø18 mm are resistant to corrosion.

It is produced in the following standard versions:

  • TW1 Mini – power 37 kW at 65 °C, flow rate 15 l/min.
  • TW2 Mini – power 42 kW at 65 °C, flow rate 17 l/min.

Na vykurovanie aj pitnú vodu

The complete apartment exchange station WK ensures the preparation of hot water and space heating in the apartment unit. Different performance ranges of heat exchangers allow you to choose the design of the residential station optimally to ensure the required thermal comfort.

The pressure-controlled proportional regulator (PM-regulator) delivers the required hot water at a constant inlet temperature at both small and large numbers of take-off points.
When the water from the collection point is not used, the entire hydraulic system is reliably protected against calcium deposits.

It is produced in the following standard designs:

  • WK1 – power 36 kW at 65 °C, flow rate 15 l/min
  • WK1M – power 42 kW at 65 °C, flow rate 17 l/min
  • WK2 – power 50 kW at 65 °C, flow rate 20 l/min
  • WK3 – power 38 kW at 50 °C, flow rate 15 l/min
  • WK1 Mini – power 29 kW at 65 °C, flow rate 12 l/min
  • WK2 Mini – power 37 kW at 65 °C, flow rate 15 l/min

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