Radiator Connection

Radiator Connection
Radiator Connection Radiator Connection Radiator Connection

System Description

UNIVENTA connection system allows connecting heaters thanks to the properties of pipes with an aluminium barrier against oxygen diffusion so the connection of all heaters is safe, simple and elegant. Reliable connection of individual heaters without the use of special and expensive tools helps to achieve the cost-effective way of permanently sealing your heating system, with the possibility of switching to other materials. The use of polybutylene as a starting raw material for RADIA-NOXY® pipes allows, compared to conventional pipes from other plastic materials, high flexibility, very good resistance to internal overpressure, abrasion resistance and resistance to ageing. The aluminium barrier prevents atmospheric oxygen from diffusing into the distribution system of the heating system. At the same time, the polyester sleeve of the pipe also transmits the action of forces of movement and protects the pipe core from destruction.

jednookruhový systém

Single-pipe system

A single-pipe system is composed of a single pipe which feeds all of the heaters in a system. The temperature of the heating medium decreases as the distance from the heat source increases which is caused by the fact that the cooled medium exiting the heaters returns to the same pipe.

dvojokruhový systém

Double-pipe system

A double-pipe system consists of a supply and return circuit. All heaters are individually connected to the supply pipe (warmer branch); this also applies to the return circuit (cold branch).

hviezdicový systém

Star system

In the star system the heaters are individually connected to the manifold body. The manifold is connected to the source of hot water by a double-pipe system. Such arranged connection allows additional assembly of floor or wall heating from the return circuit of heaters. The star system is ideal in terms of regulation and long-term safety. The heating pipe is in a compact state from the manifold to the collector. The system requires no joints in the floor that could cause leaks of the heating medium. In addition, the heating pipe is completely led in a protective pipe which allows its smooth exchange in the case of its drilling or other mechanical damage.

Advantages of the star system:

  • Easy and quick assembly
  • Safe operation
  • No joints or welds required in the floor
  • Pipes led in a protective pipe which allows their exchange
  • Perfect hydraulic adjustment of the system
  • Easy control of individual heaters through the manifold
  • Various alternatives of heaters connection (floor connection, wall connection)
  • Possibility of additional assembly of floor or wall heating

Floor connection

When connecting the heaters from the floor it is practical to use a 90° pipe bend (or a plastic pipe bend) which is placed on the floor. This way is used to connect heaters from the bottom (Valve-compact type of heaters) in the majority of cases. In order to smartly cover the pipe output from the floor it is suitable to use a cover ring, possibly a cover rose.

Wall connection

Clean and elegant connection of heaters from the wall can be obtained by using a Radiabox set or by using a connection set. It is preferable to use Radiabox when connecting heators from the bottom (Valve-compact). The connection set is suitable for connecting heaters from the bottom - from the side of the heater. Connecting heaters from the side (top - bottom) can be easily performed by using a connection metal-plastic pipe bend (copper 15 mm x 3/4 ")

Polybutylene pipes for radiator conection

Polybutylene pipe

High tech pipe Radianoxy with polybutylene core with perfect flexibility. The pipe consists of 100% aluminium oxygen barrier. By using this pipe,  the system is totally protected from air lock.

  • Original polybutylene consists of PB 4135
  • Polyester reinforcement
  • 100% oxygen barrier
  • Protective cover PE-RT HD



Pipes with an aluminium barrier against oxygen diffusion for the connection of all heaters.

    • PE-X core
    • 100% oxygen barrier

Polyethylene pipes for radiator heating

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